Welcome to I need a Loan But Have a Bad Credit

Do you need cash assistance due to meet some unexpected expenditure?

But you have been rated with a bad credit?

Do not give up!

We, at I Need a Loan but Have a Bad Credit help you come out of your financial crisis easily. We arrange convenient loan for you from our renowned lenders.


Uncomplicated procedure:

Are you wondering how to apply for a loan with a bad credit status?

Do not fret!

We at I Need a Loan But Have a Bad Credit negotiate with our lenders on your behalf to get the loan application approved. We never trouble you with a heavy fee for our intervention with our lenders.

Few of our lenders may make it an obligation to have a credit check just to establish your eligibility to procure the cash support from them.

Minimal documentations:

There is no requirement for pledging any collaterals or documentation of credentials as security in order to get the loan approval. We always arrange for an unsecured loan to make the procedure easier and quicker.


Terms and conditions:

When you opt for I need a loan but have a bad credit, the loan amount and the repayment tenure are always decided by our lenders depending on your requirement and your ability to repay the borrowed cash.

However, when the cash gets deposited into your account, you have the liberty to spend it for any of your requirements as our lenders or we do not restrict you in this issue.

Application process:

To apply for I need a loan but have a bad credit is very easy and requires very limited time. All you have to do is to fill in an online application form given in our ‘Apply Now’ page and submit at once just with a click of the mouse.

It would take you only a few minutes of time. We in turn get back to you in a short while after a brief discussion with our top panel of lenders.

Doubt factors:

You may have many questions regarding the cash support. In such an instance, you can navigate to our FAQ’S page to get all your qualms clarified.

In case you have more queries, you can get in touch with us through our ‘Contact Us’ page.


Your personal information is kept highly confidential by the usage of an innovative technology. Hence you need not worry about your personal data.

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